Green Link Digital Bank commences operations in Singapore

Photo from PxHere

Green Link Digital Bank (GLDB) commences banking business, seeking  to serve Micro-Small-Medium-Enterprises (MSMEs) with banking and financial services through their supply chain financing and technological solutions. 

GLDB seeks to leverage their experience in supply chain financing and technological solutions to provide accessible commercial banking, as well as supply chain offerings for underserved MSMEs.

With this, GLDB seeks to expand their service coverage and create more supply chain financing products to cater to varying business demands, including high growth potential industries in the digital economy.

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It will focus on serving the core needs of MSMEs and technology enterprises, improve on service quality, and pave the way for them to become a leader in wholesale banking. 

Dr Geng Jing, Chairman of GLDB says. “The commencement of Green Link Digital Bank’s operations in Singapore symbolises a major milestone. It drives to strengthen the core pillars in digitalisation, technological empowerment and green finance. We aspire to be one of the key contributors towards digital economy advancements in Singapore and hope to play a significant role in cultivating an open digital finance ecosystem in Singapore.”