Playbook empowers people and HR leaders with mental health strategies

Photo by Mikhail Nilov

On-us Company Limited has released of their latest publication, ‘Our Minds, Our Rights: Leveling up Workplace Mental Wellness in Asia.’ This comprehensive playbook is designed to empower people managers and HR leaders with practical strategies for enhancing mental wellness in the workplace.

Key findings from surveys of 1000 employees and 400 HR professionals revealed that 15% of employees reported a poor mental state, and one in five employees perceived their company as undervaluing mental health, highlighting the urgency to prioritize mental well-being in Asian workplaces.

Dr. Bonnie Hayden Cheng, Program Director, MBA, The University of Hong Kong, emphasized, “The creation of this playbook stems from our thorough research and collaborations with numerous companies focusing on mental wellness in the workplace.

“Our in-depth understanding of their challenges, coupled with the quantitative employee and HR survey conducted in Asia, ensures that the playbook’s insights are not only informative but also highly practical for businesses.”

The release of the playbook is a continuation of On-us’ earlier whitepaper published in early 2022, ‘Asia’s Workforce Awakens to ESG,’ extending its commitment to addressing mental health within the Asian professional landscape, considering cultural nuances.

The findings were supported by a culmination of extensive research, including surveys of 1000 employees and 400 HR professionals, along with in-depth interviews with over 10 HR and wellness leaders. This has uncovered crucial insights into the state of mental wellness in the workplace, revealing significant challenges and opportunities for improvement.

1. Poor Mental State and Silent Struggle with Stigma
15% of surveyed employees report a poor mental state, revealing a significant issue in workforce well-being. The survey also uncovered a stigma, with 38% unwilling to work with those facing mental health problems, indicating persistent challenges.

2. Undervaluation of Mental Health
One in five employees feel their company undervalues mental health, highlighting a substantial gap in recognizing and addressing mental health concerns within organizations.

3. Impact of Hybrid Work Mode
The impact of hybrid work mode is noteworthy, driving higher mental well-being compared to fully in-office or fully remote setups. This underscores the potential benefits of flexible work arrangements on employees’ mental health.

4. HR Support Challenges
45% of HR survey respondents lack workplace mental health support, emphasizing the need for organizations to strengthen employee mental wellness systems. Additionally, 50% of HR professionals report limited mental health resources, and 45% struggle to track mental health issues among employees, indicating barriers to creating a supportive and stigma-free environment.

These statistics underscore the urgency to prioritize mental well-being, affecting millions worldwide. On-us believes that elevated workplace mental wellness is key to fostering a healthier, more successful workplace.