Gabkotech Innovations supports KMS digital transformation

Photo by Oleksii Khodakivskiy

Gabkotech Innovations, has announced that Keith Morton Security (KMS), a licensed security service provider in Singapore, has successfully implemented its iREP Security mobile application and monitoring system for digitalising and automating security processes and workflow.

Keith Morton Security (KMS) is a security service providers in Singapore that offers physical access and homeland security services to protect residential premises, commercial buildings, retail malls, public hospitals and construction sites.

Prior to implementing Gabkotech’s iREP Security, assigned on-duty security officers had to rely on the traditional book and writing method to record visitor information and submit reports manually by hand. Extensive time was spent in filling out security logbooks, and human error, such as inadequacy of information recorded and illegible handwriting, soon caused systemic issues to the security processes and workflow. Storage and retrieval of physical records was another major problem KMS had to grapple with.

To help KMS go paperless and resolve the issues it was facing, the iREP Security mobile reporting, tracking and monitoring system was deployed to enable security officers file reports with ease so that they could focus their time and attention on monitoring and surveillance tasks.

Incorporating mobile, cloud and IoT sensor technologies including near-field communication (NFC), global positioning system (GPS) tracking and live image capture feature, iREP Security lets security officers take images and file reports easily with its pre-filled descriptions and checking boxes, and submit them to the management in real-time for review.

Patrolling officers utilise the NFC feature of iREP Security to clock in at designated checkpoints with a swipe. Any missed checkpoint can also be detected without having to detour back to the guardroom to pinpoint the location.

For visitor management, security officers can simply scan and capture essential security information of visitors through their identity cards using iREP Security, and verify the identities again upon exit.

“Besides providing us with a high-performance and scalable solution to help automate our security workflow, KMS has also benefitted immensely from the excellent standard of service provided by the Gabkotech team of technical and support professionals, as we have a shortage of digital talent and resources internally,” said William Adam Morton, director, Keith Morton Security.

“As a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) in Singapore, we appreciate and value the transformative power of technology to our business, Gabkotech Innovations is our partner of choice in bridging the digital divide and empowering us to stay competitive and relevant in today’s disruptive environment.”

According to a study conducted by IDC, SMEs in Singapore that are digitally mature enjoy twice as many benefits in terms of revenue and productivity, compared to SMEs that have an indifferent approach to digitalisation. Higher revenue and productivity gains from digital transformation by SMEs could add as much as US$24 billion to Singapore’s gross domestic product (GDP) by 2024.

The study also found that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digitalisation efforts for nearly 70 per cent of SMEs across the Asia Pacific region, while 86 per cent believe digitalisation will help them develop resilience against similar crises.