Delta Electronics and JTC sign MOU to drive Industry 4.0 journeys

Photo via JTC

Delta Electronics International (Singapore) and JTC Corporation (JTC), signed an MOU on 24 October 2019 for collaboration as strategic partners to drive adoption of Industry 4.0 technology. Delta, a provider of power and thermal management solutions, will set up an I4.0 Solutions and Training Center to support JTC customers, upskill SME partners and provide advanced automation solutions to tackle problem statements in Singapore’s manufacturing industry.

Mr. Jackie Chang, Vice President, Southeast Asia and India of Delta Electronics, Inc., said that the company was keen to collaborate with JTC in order to support its customers with its domain knowledge in electronics. He stated their focus on execution and addressing the immediate challenges in connectivity and automation that Singapore’s SMEs face.

“At the same time, Delta is enhancing advanced automation diagnosis, training and consultation to foster the next generation of talents,” he added.

Mr Ng Lang, Chief Executive Officer of JTC, said “With more businesses in our estates looking to transform their business through digitalization, we see value in curating a spectrum of partners to help them start, scale and sustain their Industry 4.0 journey and capture new opportunities in the region. Specializing in industrial automation and smart city solutions, Delta can lend their expertise and best practices to support more businesses on their Industry 4.0 transformation.”

To help JTC’s customers realize the benefits of adopting I4.0 technology in business operations, Delta will set up a I4.0 Solutions and Training Center to support various key elements of the JTC-Delta Industry Transformation Initiative including providing support for adopting the Industrial Internet of Things, coming up with POCs to test-bed relevant advanced manufacturing solutions on industry problem statements, and facilitating training and other initiatives to develop the workforce. It will also join JTC’s I4.0 related events and provide practical training and technical advisory to JTC customers.