AI avatar embodies brand communication efforts

Image courtesy Maxi-Cash

Maxi-Cash has introduced of HAILEY K, a “cutting-edge AI muse”. In a bold move towards embracing digital transformation and infusing AI into its overarching brand strategy, Maxi-Cash presents HAILEY K as the herald of sustainability in consuming preloved luxury and the advocate of 916/999 Gold, by educating younger contemporaries who have yet to embrace 916/999 gold in their wardrobe and are unfamiliar with the intricacies of gold value and trade-ins.

This purpose-driven endeavour aims to resonate with millennials and Gen-Zs, mirroring the spirit of HAILEY K herself, and shattering conventional boundaries within content marketing and advertising.

Maxi-Cash, a company known for its commitment to reliability, quality, and innovation, embarks on an ambitious move with the launch of HAILEY K, with the aim to remain culturally pertinent within an ever-evolving market landscape, while maintaining its commitment to delivering top-tier customer service.

“We are thrilled to introduce HAILEY K to the world,” says Mavis Toh, Retail & Marketing Director of Maxi-Cash. “Incorporating cutting- edge AI technology into our brand DNA is a testament to one of our core values of embracing innovation. We understand that today’s consumers, especially the youth, crave innovative and immersive experiences, and HAILEY K is our answer to that demand.” she opines.