Whitepaper with research findings on workplace discrimination published

Photo by Van Tay Media

Media intelligence agency, Truescope Singapore (a Dataxet partner company) has released their latest whitepaper on workplace discrimination in Singapore for 2022.

As part of their analysis, a total of 7,442 comments from netizens were extracted and analysed, allowing Truescope to take a deeper look into the most prevalent forms of workplace discrimination being faced and discussed by netizens across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok and on forum pages in 2022.

In an attempt to examine sentiments on a deeper level, Truescope has understood the nuanced appreciation of netizens’ perception toward workplace discrimination across factors such as age, disability, gender, marital, mental health, nationality, pregnancy and race.

Truescope’s Insights Analyst and lead researcher on the report, Ho Wei Yang, shared: “In Singapore, netizens are becoming increasingly vocal about social issues that resonate with them, which is consistent with generational and attitudinal shifts.

“Workplace discrimination appears to be an evergreen issue in the eyes of netizens, and the ongoing conversations suggest a desire for workplace discrimination to be stamped out.”

Key observations include:

  • Conversations about workplace discrimination emerged only when there was related news reported on mainstream media.
  • Comments were often opinionated and discussions between groups of netizens often grew heated due to varying opinions. Nonetheless, there were comments – albeit few – which were composed and sought to offer a balanced view on the discussion.
  • Sentiments across the spectrum of workplace discrimination topics were primarily negative and were often directed towards the issue of workplace discrimination and the organisations which were accused of discriminating against their employees.

Truescope’s whitepaper allows readers to explore and take a deep dive into conversations surrounding common forms of workplace discrimination in Singapore and to uncover underlying sentiments and emotions relating to top issues. 

The volume of engagements related to workplace discrimination assessed in this report pales in comparison to more widespread issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the rising cost of living, but the data does not suggest that workplace discrimination is any less important of an issue.

Truescope’s Managing Director, Kelvin Koh shared, “In this whitepaper, we present an overview of the conversations on common forms of workplace discrimination in Singapore and the associated sentiments and emotions of these conversations. We are proud to be at the forefront of bringing some of these issues to light, especially through the use of hard data.”