Too many tools killing IT productivity

Photo by Mikhail Nilov

IR has revealed research that shows  the enormous time wasted by IT professionals managing multiple tools in a UC&C environment.

The IT Time Crunch research indicates that when multiple monitoring and troubleshooting tools are in the UC&C mix, IT practitioners spend the most time troubleshooting issues across the tools. Some of these issues go unreported leading to reactive troubleshooting due to a lack of insights across on-premises, cloud or hybrid environments.

“IT teams waste almost eight hours a week, or a full working day, trying to find the source of issues. This has several impacts, two major ones being the productivity of the teams managing the UC&C environment and the employee user experience,” said John Ruthven, CEO and Managing Director, IR.

“IT teams need visibility on the performance of tools and platforms in a UC&C environment, to enable them to focus on more important work.”

The research also indicates that the increased workload of wasteful work takes a toll on IT teams and impacts the overall productivity of employees. Other challenges reported by IT teams were identifying whether users are using provided hardware or keeping track of tools and platforms being used.

The report details the results of a survey of more than 200 IT professionals from the United States, United Kingdom, and Singapore, with more than 60% of respondents from organizations with 5,000+ end users.