Singapore startup CSE SG unveils new generation Smart Contract 2.0

Singapore-based startup CSE SG has unveiled the new generation Smart Contract 2.0 – featuring multi-contractual conditions and multi-industry applications running under the revolutionary, super-fast blockchain 3.0 technology.

The new generation Smart Contract 2.0 has been applied to the field of finance globally, enabling ICOs, STOs and payment transactions for e-commerce. 

A smart contract is a computer software that contains rules, terms and regulations of a contract. The smart contract is self-executing, self-verifying and auto-enforcing against the agreed upon terms. It is immutable, decentralized, as well as cost saving because it eliminates the need for third parties or escrow agents.

In 2015, Ethereum introduced the Smart Contract 1.0, and has leveraged its strength in dealing with various types of financial contracts.

CSE SG has partnered with healthcare service providers in Thailand and Korea to apply Smart Contract 2.0 solutions to improve efficiency, traceability, transparency and security. 

In the agriculture sector, Smart Contract 2.0 has also been successfully applied to various projects in Vietnam, Tanzania and Nigeria, that brings food from the farm to the table — thus eliminating the middlemen, and helping to ensure food security, proximity, self-reliance, and sustainability of food supply. 

The new Smart Contract 2.0 platform takes as little as 60 seconds to create one’s own smart contract, which is directly connected to the CSE blockchain 3.0 technology through the API. 

One can create crypto, access source, blockchain library, blockchain authentication for various industries such as healthcare, education, agriculture, retail, supply-chain management, energy, banking among others.