New Generative AI Platform available for SMEs in Singapore

Photo by Tara Winstead

Straits Interactive has announced the availability of Capabara, a Generative AI platform designed to empower SMEs. Capabara aims to provide SMEs with a safe, secure, and sustainable way to enhance business productivity through the power of generative AI. The platform supports multiple Large Language Model Models (LLMs) and features an intuitive AI Assistant builder, empowering SMEs to streamline operations and drive growth.

“Capabara is a game-changer for SMEs concerned about the risks of using generative AI and the displacement of jobs. Our platform helps them to create value while addressing these risks and other AI constraints,” said Kevin Shepherdson, CEO and Founder of Straits Interactive.

“Capabara’s unique support for multiple language models and user-friendly AI Assistant builder empower business professionals to utilise generative AI and even create new digital capabilities,” 

One of the key features of Capabara is its suite of Capability Tools, which allows users to write AI apps leveraging prompt design techniques. This capability allows SMEs to streamline their operations and automate certain tasks, enhancing overall efficiency.

In addition, Capabara introduces an intuitive AI Assistant builder, equipped with ready-made templates. SMEs can leverage these templates, such as AI application roleplays, tutors, and interviewers, without the need for extensive coding or technical expertise.

Capabara differentiates itself by supporting multiple Language Model Models (LLMs), including OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google Gemini, Anthropic Claude, Perplexity, and Mistral. This unique capability enables SMEs to leverage the benefits that each language model offers and choose the most suitable one for their specific use cases.

Moreover, SMEs can utilise Capabara to write their own apps on these LLMs, providing them with the flexibility to customise and optimise the AI applications according to their unique requirements.

Capabara offers two subscription tiers tailored to the needs of SMEs, a Tier 1 Starter Subscription that provides SMEs with a wide range of tools to enhance their business productivity and streamline their workflows, and a Tier 2 Creator Subscription that allows SMEs to develop customised AI solutions based on their specific requirements. Additionally, Capabara provides the option for users to upload their own custom data into the platform’s Knowledge System, further enhancing the customization capabilities.