JustCo launches Digital Future of Work Platform

Photo by fauxels

JustCo, a co-working company, has launched its Digital Future of Work Platform at an event officiated by Singapore’s Minister for Trade and Industry Mr. Chan Chun Sing. JustCo’s new platform uses digital technology to enable users to decide where and how to work, depending on each individual’s unique needs.

Diverse workspace options such as hub-and-spoke offices, flexible workspaces and remote work booths can now be combined with the home office and other workspace solutions to enable solo work or team collaboration to happen seamlessly.

The two key innovations powering JustCo’s digital platform are Switch, a workspace on-demand app which connects users and providers of workspace flexibly and dynamically, and SixSense, an AI-powered tool that connects with sensors to analyze how space is being used.

The use cases for SixSense include workspace design, space-use optimisation analysis and, importantly, crowdedness monitoring for safe distancing purposes. Where it has been implemented, JustCo centres’ users gain real-time information on centre density and crowdedness at their offices. By combining this information with JustCo’s flexible office options (including Switch), users can avoid crowded locations and pick work spaces that best suit their needs. JustCo is also able to better monitor safe-distancing compliance and continuously improve office design.

Kong Wan Sing, Founder and CEO of JustCo, added: “When the pandemic struck, many of us were forced into the unknown and untried world of working from home. It worked well for some, but terribly for others.

“We quickly realized that what workers needed was the power and digital tools to decide where and how to work. JustCo’s Digital Future of Work Platform is our answer to that problem. Fixed and rigid offices have run their course. The future belongs to flexible and on-demand workspaces.”