Generative AI drives significant impact to IT operations in APAC

Photo by Roman Pohorecki

An IDC report titled How Generative AI Is Set to Play a Leading Role in IT Operations reveals the transformative role of generative AI (GenAI) within IT operations (ITOps) across the Asia/Pacific region. IDC’s 2023 Future Enterprise Resiliency and Spending (FERS) Survey, Wave 6, highlights that almost half (43%) of organizations surveyed are currently exploring potential GenAI use-cases, with 55% of financial organizations and telecom firms investing in GenAI technology in 2023.

With the digital-first mindset gaining momentum in Asia/Pacific, businesses are seeking innovative solutions to enhance operations. GenAI stands out as a pivotal technology, offering companies the means to mitigate risks, boost efficiency, and improve overall productivity.

Generative AI is gaining popularity in IT operations and IT service management, particularly in cost-sensitive Asia/Pacific environments. This technology offers automation of ITOps tasks, reducing operational costs and optimizing resources.

The region, which includes mature economies like Australia, Japan, and Singapore, and rapidly growing markets like India and China, has diverse IT requirements and issues. In growing economies, generative AI plays a vital role in facilitating scalable ITOps.

“Generative AI can increase the overall productivity of ITOps teams by streamlining ITOps workflows, lowering operational expenses, and increasing system dependability. However, GenAI systems must be properly implemented to ensure that they correspond with enterprise goals and that adequate guardrails are in place to manage unanticipated events,” says Dhiraj Badgujar, Senior Research Manager, Digital Innovation Practice and xOps Program, IDC Asia/Pacific.

In the report, IDC highlights ITOps trends that enterprises need to look out for as the GenAI revolution continues:

• Rise of AIOps: AIOps solutions are becoming more popular in Asia/Pacific. ML and AI algorithms are being used by enterprises across the region to automate IT processes, monitor performance, and forecast and avoid IT disasters.

• Predictive Analytics: AI-driven predictive analytics in ITOps helps enterprises anticipate IT issues and prevent disruptions.

• Hybrid Cloud and Multicloud Management: As enterprises in the region embrace hybrid cloud and multicloud settings, GenAI will be used to manage these complex infrastructures.

• Continuous Improvement: GenAI models will evolve in complexity and quality, likely integrating with IoT and edge computing to enhance data collection and analysis.

Leading vendors are also diving into the GenAI wave. Notable implementations include Atlassian’s Atlassian Intelligence, ServiceNow’s generative AI capabilities for the Now Platform, New Relic’s Grok, PagerDuty’s generative AI for its Operations Cloud, and HCL Technologies Limited’s BigFix 11.

GenAI-driven ITOps can significantly impact business success for enterprises in the region. The IDC Asia/Pacific Software Survey 2023 shows that over 50% of enterprises from countries like India, Indonesia, and Malaysia expect increased operational efficiency and automation from GenAI as part of their digital innovation strategy, highlighting the growing need for IT agility in these industries.

As enterprises continue to explore and adopt GenAI, the technology is poised to redefine the ITOps landscape in the Asia/Pacific region.