Cybersecurity Roadmap to be published next year

The Coordinating Committee for Cybersecurity (CCCY) is scheduled to publish a Cybersecurity Standards Roadmap next year to support Singapore’s digital transformation efforts. This roadmap will look into enhancing cybersecurity resilience in Information Technology and Operational Technology systems for users, processes and technologies.

This committee was formed in August 2018 by the Cyber Security Agency (CSA) of Singapore and Enterprise Singapore under the Singapore Standards Council (SSC). The CCCY aims to coordinate and facilitate the sharing of cybersecurity information in Singapore and formulate a five-year Cybersecurity Standards Roadmap.

The CCCY is chaired by Mr Eddie Chau, a serial technopreneur and co-founder of V-Key and Brandtology, with the support of two deputy chairmen – Mr Lim Soon Chia, Director of CSA’s Cybersecurity Engineering Centre, and Associate Professor Steven Wong, President of the Association of Information Security Professionals. This composition reflects the close government-industry-academia partnership in cybersecurity.

The roadmap is anchored on three key pillars aligned with Singapore’s Cybersecurity Strategy developed by the CSA: “Building a Resilient Infrastructure”, “Creating a Safer Cyberspace”, and “Developing a Vibrant Cybersecurity Ecosystem”.

Under the pillar of “Building a Resilient Infrastructure”, CCCY will identify and promote standards relating to Critical Information Infrastructure (CII). These will help augment the protection of CII, ensuring that our services, utilities and transport are resilient in the face of cyber-attacks.

The pillar on “Creating a Safer Cyberspace” will cover standards relating to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), large enterprises, start-ups and the IT user community in general.

For the third pillar on “Developing a Vibrant Cybersecurity Ecosystem”, CCCY will look into cybersecurity standardisation in areas such as advanced manufacturing, smart healthcare, smart mobility and autonomous vehicles to support industry transformations and emerging areas.

The development of these standards will help companies and government agencies mitigate cybersecurity threats as well as raise cyber hygiene and security assurance.