Acropower to build waste-to-energy plant on Chew’s Agriculture chicken farm

Acropower has signed an agreement with Chew’s Agriculture Pte Ltd (CAPL) to build, own and operate a waste-to-energy power plant that will convert poultry waste into energy.

Acropower is an 80%-owned subsidiary of ACROMEC, a specialist engineering service provider in the field of controlled environments serving mainly the healthcare, pharmaceutical, biomedical science, research and academia sectors.

The power plant will process and convert waste from the farm into biogas for use in generating electricity, which will then be supplied back to the farm for a period of fifteen years at no more than a 10% discount to the prevailing Energy Market Authority electricity tariff rate. 

The agreement is expected to result in a diversification of the group’s business into the renewable energy sector

Lim Say Chin, Executive Chairman and Managing Director of ACROMEC said, “This project is a win-win situation for both parties. Disposal of animal waste is a costly issue for farms, and by converting it into energy, ACROMEC is expected to benefit from an economic view point and will also be contributing towards protection of Singapore’s environment. Our expertise in controlled environments engineering is important for the process of converting the poultry waste into biogas fuel to generate electricity.”