Singapore-based GECo to run Brunei accelerator program

Bruneian national SME body has tied up with Golden Equator Consulting (GECo) of Singapore. The partnership will have GECo run the next three cycles of the 100-day Startup Bootcamp, now named Accelerate.

Accelerate will continue to equip Bruneian startups with the core skill sets to help their business succeed. So far, Accelerate has run for four cycles, with the most recent one facilitated by GECo.

The past four cycles of Accelerate claims to have guided more than 100 startups, raised more US$1 million in investments and helped provide employment to approximately 450 people in Brunei.

“We have received very positive feedback from early-stage investors in the region during our Demo Day this year in Singapore, and we are looking forward to helping more startups from Brunei scale and expand into the region. The bootcamps will continue to be facilitated by a blend of our in-house specialists and experts from the Golden Equator ecosystem,” said Adam Flinter, Managing Partner of Golden Equator Consulting.

The next cycles of Accelerate are said to also include more hands-on components such as having startups conduct field surveys. It will also include inspirational and lifestyle elements including sharing sessions by successful startups in the region such as Go-Jek.

“Through Golden Equator’s network in the last cycle, two of our startups are working together with international startups to develop products and services that will benefit both parties,” said Javed Ahmad, CEO of Darussalam Enterprise.

One success story from the fourth cycle of Accelerate, which was facilitated by Golden Equator Consulting, was Memori. The company managed to raise US$100,000 in its seed round.

“The Accelerate bootcamp is a good example of how a connected and dynamic ecosystem promotes innovation, ease of doing business, collaborations, investments as well as education and learning while helping to accelerate the growth of businesses looking to expand into these regions via Singapore as their base,” said Shirley Crystal Chua, Founder and Group CEO of Golden Equator.