SHOPLINE to assist SMEs entering social commerce

Photo by cottonbro

SHOPLINE has launched the “Retail Revolution: Three Easy Ways to Succeed in the New Retail” campaign to educate and assist SMEs considering entering the emerging social commerce space.

The campaign will run from 1 to 30 September, including three free webinars for the public on 15, 22 and 29 September and benefits for both new SHOPLINE merchants and Singapore Retailers Association (SRA) members.

The conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic have prompted merchants to explore the benefits of social commerce features to extend their reach, especially in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand.

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SHOPLINE has seen a rise in signups of over 46% across Asia and threefold growth in transactions via SHOPLINE Live. As consumer appetite increases for a more immediate, social and engaging form of shopping, SHOPLINE aims to encourage retailers to integrate new kinds of purchase points such as live streaming into their existing channels.

As consumers embrace ‘shoppertainment’ to bridge the omnichannel retail gap, SHOPLINE Live’s latest enhancements allow merchants to conveniently sell and receive orders while live streaming and interact with consumers through live streaming tools such as live bidding, lucky draws and concurrently sell their products on Facebook without leaving the stream.

Beyond live streaming, SHOPLINE encourages retailers to invest resources in useful technology to help manage their multichannel approach to capture more sales and optimize their operations via logistics and digital marketing tools.

In September, new merchants who sign up with SHOPLINE will enjoy the benefit of free delivery for the first 10 orders via ONESHIP and receive cash rebates based on the number of orders they hit in a month. SRA members will also enjoy exclusive benefits including extended subscriptions and SmartAds credits.