SBF launches the Singapore women entrepreneurs network

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto

The Singapore Business Federation (SBF) launched its Singapore Women Entrepreneurs Network (SG-WEN) at the SBF Center.

SG-WEN aims to bring together women entrepreneurs in Singapore and connect them with other women entrepreneurs, business leaders and trade associations in the Asia-Pacific, in particular the ASEAN member states. More than 300 entrepreneurs and business leaders from diverse sectors attended the event, which was held both physically and virtually.

SG-WEN aims to attract women entrepreneurs in Singapore from diverse industries and sectoral backgrounds to be its members. SG-WEN’s mission is to provide a platform where Singapore women entrepreneurs and existing women networks can come together and collaborate for business growth, to influence culture and policy, and to drive industry changes in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific.

SG-WEN plans to expand its membership base in the next few years and is pleased to have garnered the support of more than 50 members prior to its formal launch.

The network will focus on supporting women entrepreneurs in four key areas:

• Championing women business issues though engagements with senior government officials as well as data-driven advocacy through surveys.

• Knowledge sharing through fireside chats and networking events to spur business transformation and growth.

• Promoting collaboration with other women groups in Singapore, including the women groups of trade associations and chambers, and networking with ASEAN Women Entrepreneurs Network and other overseas groups.

• Recognising women entrepreneurs for their achievements and successes.

SG-WEN’s plans in the pipeline include organising regular networking and knowledge sharing sessions, dialogues and roundtable sessions with government officials and business leaders, joint activities with other women groups in Singapore and the hosting of visiting women group delegations from the region.

One of SG-WEN’s key responsibilities is to be Singapore’s official representative at the ASEAN Women Entrepreneurs Network (AWEN), a regional network of national women entrepreneurs and business associations that aims to advance the interests of ASEAN women entrepreneurs and boost their development and networking through events and exchanges.

SG-WEN Exco Chairperson Ms Rachel Eng said, “While we have many successful women entrepreneurs in Singapore, we hear that anecdotally these women encounter challenges, discrimination or biases that are not faced by male entrepreneurs.

“By bringing women entrepreneurs together, I hope that the shared learning and networking within SG-WEN will provide women with the support and help for them to be successful. Through SG-WEN, we hope to also connect with fellow businesses in the region, particularly ASEAN, and this will in turn generate business opportunities for our members. Ultimately, SG-WEN is here to help women entrepreneurs succeed in their businesses.”

SBF CEO Mr Lam Yi Young said, “With the launch of SG-WEN, we hope to be able to support women entrepreneurs in Singapore to drive their businesses to reach their fullest potential.

“SG-WEN and its members will be able to tap on SBF’s platforms and 3 initiatives on internationalisation, digitalisation and transformation, and jobs and skills to support business growth.”