Partnership to strengthen cybersecurity for Singapore SMEs announced

MyRepublic has announced the launch of a new suite of cybersecurity solutions aimed at strengthening the digital defences of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore.

Designed in partnership with leading global IT solutions provider Inspira Enterprise, the new solutions come at a time when almost half of all reported crimes in Singapore are cybercrime related cases. According to the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA), cybercrime cases accounted for 43 percent of total crime in 2020.

In particular, there were significant spikes in ransomware and botnet attacks last year. The former rose by a staggering 154 percent, mostly targeting SMEs in the manufacturing, retail, and healthcare sectors.

“As more SMEs shift to remote or hybrid work environments, cybersecurity threats targeting their vulnerabilities will continue to rise,” said Lawrence Chan, Managing Director, MyRepublic Singapore.

“Our new cybersecurity solutions bring enterprise-grade protection to small and medium businesses and give them one less thing to worry about, as they continue to manage the impact of the pandemic.”

MyRepublic’s cybersecurity solutions include cybersecurity consulting, incident response, data protection, and vulnerability testing. Potential customers will be offered a free end-to-end assessment to determine their exact requirements and the solutions that are best fit for their operations.

Josef Figueroa, Vice President of ASEAN at Inspira said, “SMEs are more susceptible to cyberattacks because they may lack the knowledge and ability to deal with such threats. Our experience with SMEs also shows that they may be reluctant to adopt modern cybersecurity tools due to their perceived high cost and complexity.”

For instance, SMEs may think basic antivirus software installed on employee laptops are sufficient protection against today’s sophisticated threats. They might also rely on various business tools riddled with vulnerabilities and incompatibilities of which they are not aware.

MyRepublic and Inspira aim to bridge this gap and make it simple for SMEs to adopt up-to-date cybersecurity tools and best practices that can be implemented consistently across their organisation. This includes managed services such as managed firewall and managed endpoint, allowing customers to focus on their business whilst their company is being protected by a globally recognised security provider.

“In a digital economy, it’s not a matter of ‘if’, but ‘when’ you will be targeted,” added Mr. Chan. “Our suite of cybersecurity solutions are designed to help SMEs get their modern threat protection up and running with minimal hassle.”