Online course in blockchain launched

Photo by cottonbro

Blockdegree — an  member of the US Education Blockchain Action Network — has launched a Blockchain Foundational Video Programme– Study Blockchain in 60 minutes.

This is a highly rigorous programme specially designed for everyone to learn all about blockchain technology and its use cases in just an hour. This programme is also suitable for students with no prior background in coding.

Curated as an engaging video series, this course aims to give business professionals and enthusiasts interested in blockchain technology a solid understanding of how blockchain technology is redefining the world, one use case and industry at a time. 

Blockdegree collaborated with Ms.Soh Wan Wei, the founder of IKIGUIDE, Singapore’s First Bitcoin and Blockchain Education Portal, on this initiative. Ms.Wan Wei is also currently serving as Senior Lecturer at Blockdegree.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Ms.Wan Wei, who is such a passionate bitcoin and blockchain educator,” says Ritesh Kikkad, co-founder of Blockdegree and XinFin’s XDC network. “Study Blockchain in 60 minutes is an incredibly robust programme that goes through the fundamental concepts of revolutionary blockchain technology.”

“We want to educate and nurture all participants of this course to be able to identify and leverage the massive opportunities the blockchain industry provides.”

Says Ms. Wan Wei, “Bitcoin and blockchain technology are both inevitable movements in the foreseeable future. In a matter of five to ten years, blockchain technology will be so prevalent in the lives of the layperson.”

Study Blockchain in 60minutes is available on-demand on the Blockdegree platform. All graduates will receive a certificate upon conclusion of the course, jointly granted by Blockdegree and IKIGUIDE. They can then display it on their LinkedIn page or social media platforms.