LHUB GO Infinity offering on-demand access to online courses

Photo by Matt Wildbore

NTUC LearningHub (NTUC LHUB) has announced the launch of LHUB GO Infinity, Singapore’s largest subscription-based online learning platform, which offers on-demand access to over 75,000 bite-sized online courses.

LHUB GO Infinity, is designed in partnership with Go1 to create equal learning opportunities by making world-class content affordable and accessible to learners.

The announcement comes amid the intensifying need for continuing education and training as the workforce prepares for a post-pandemic economy. By contrast, almost two thirds of Singaporean workers say that they have insufficient time to attend in-person training.

This was evidenced in NTUC LHUB’s survey in December last year, where majority of workers (69%) have cited that they are required to adopt new skills due to a change in their work situation and 71% of them seeing the urgency to upgrade their current skills to keep themselves competitive in the job market.

However, 55% of them cited the top reason for not upskilling as the ‘lack of time for training’.

“We hope that LHUB GO Infinity, with its extensive library of microlearning content by industry experts, will further NTUC LHUB’s agenda to democratise knowledge to all workers.  Individuals can take ownership of their lifelong learning journey and diversify their skill sets to be better poised for a transformed future,” said Tay Ee Learn, Director of NTUC LHUB’s Technical Skills Product Division.

“Similarly, companies can better facilitate training and retraining of their workers through self-directed learning.   Companies can approach us to discuss how LHUB GO can seamlessly integrate with your staff’s learning and development roadmaps,”

The LHUB GO Infinity subscription offers a suite of courses mapped to growth industries such as Healthcare, Manufacturing and ICT. Learners will be able to enhance their employability through honing their competencies in adaptive, technology and technical skills, while earning certificates upon course completion.

The platform also creates contextualised learning experiences for learning on-the-go. Some of the popular courses include ‘Work Health and Safety’, ‘Excel 2019 — Advanced’ and ‘Emotional Intelligence – Self Management’.

Additionally, companies who would like to offer asynchronous online learning for their workforce may approach NTUC LHUB for the LHUB GO ‘Enterprise Solutions’ which offers high quality content that supports workforce capability frameworks.

NTUC LHUB’s Chairman, Eugene Wong says, “It is extremely encouraging to see not only the strong desire by the workforce to upskill and reskill, but also the record-high engagement we have witnessed in the LHUB GO Learn100 and Learn200 platforms. I am heartened that learners have experienced tangible outcomes from their learning journey so far.

“Through acquiring new, employer-coveted skills on LHUB GO, we have heard many stories of how their careers have advanced. We hope these stories can inspire others to expand their skill sets and broaden their career horizons.”