Job opportunities in Q3 2021 up 21% from 2020

Michael Page Singapore witnessed the number of jobs rise in Q3 2021 compared to Q3 2020 by 21%. According to job opportunity data observed by Michael Page, this was led by growth in job opportunities across certain key sectors from last year namely Engineering & Manufacturing (up 48%), Digital (up 27%) and Technology (up 17%). 

Speaking from recent observations, Nilay Khandelwal, Managing Director of Michael Page Singapore says, “These optimistic figures are indicative of the market conditions in Singapore improving and will continue to hold ground because we foresee various industries to be on the rise.

“Companies have recognised that securing the right talent is what will give them the competitive edge. In order to do so, a number have a clear indication of what skills they require and have adopted a good attraction strategy which goes beyond just high salaries.”

As Singapore remains an ideal strategic digital location from both an infrastructure and talent standpoint, the highest demand in this space are for digital product managers which combine a unique set of skills.

Driving the job opportunities up 27% from Q3 2020, Nilay Khandelwal observes, “These special profiles are the most talked about and consists of people who are either existing product managers or product engineers or in some cases have been moved into digital roles from an existing marketing function.

“They are the brains behind the digital product and will act as a bridge between business and technical engineers working on product development. Product design roles have also seen a steady demand especially in the UI/UX area.” 

Job positions in Engineering & Manufacturing almost doubled this year, up 48% as companies in Singapore align with the nation’s industry 4.0 initiatives and actively hire in the automation and digitalisation functions. This is to increase productivity and aid with the labour shortage challenges.

“The job types most requested for within the engineering & manufacturing space are in the automation, digitalisation, technical or pre-sales as well as R&D functions. This is observed across various sectors including chemical, building materials and industrial automation to capitalise on the upward market trend this year,” comments Nilay Khandelwal.