Intellectual property course offered free to business owners and entrepreneurs during ‘circuit breaker’

Photo by Mimi Thian

IPOS International and the Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS) will jointly offer full complimentary access to a nine-hour online training course on leveraging a company’s intellectual property (IP) assets for business growth, from 13 April 2020 to 4 May 2020, which coincides with Singapore’s COVID-19 ‘Circuit Breaker’ period.  

The course – Intellectual Property (IP) Essentials for Businesses – highlights the growing importance of IP and intangible assets (IA) as strategic business assets. The course deals with fundamentals of IP and IA including brands, technologies, design, creations and data, among others.  

Dr Ming Tan, Managing Director, IPOS International, said that “in times of uncertainty, all businesses need to navigate business risks and sharpen their competitive edge. At IPOS International, we believe in the tremendous potential for IP and IA to deliver economic and social benefit.” 

“We invite everyone to learn how to recognise and manage these assets to boost business growth and resilience, so that we are poised for success when the global economy emerges from the COVID-19 situation,” he concluded.

Associate Professor Lee Wee Leong, Director, Online Learning, at the SUSS, said, “SUSS is proud to support the pursuit of continual learning by offering both exciting and market-relevant content as well as harnessing technology to deliver knowledge to an ever-changing demography of users.”

“SUSS prides itself in being at the forefront of e-learning, by partnering with institutions like IPOS International to combine both aspects, and present educational content that is adaptive, relevant, effective and forward-thinking,” he continued.   

The course, designed for current and aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners, will help participants identify the IP and IA that create value for their business. The course provides foundational knowledge in IP management and law to help business owners protect and manage what makes them unique. Participants will engage in practical, applied learning through real-world case studies and quizzes.  

The course is part of IPOS International’s e-learning initiatives to make IP and IA education more accessible to a wider audience, particularly for a generation where digital learning platforms are gaining acceptance.