Index-Asia, UpSmart join forces to aid SMEs

Hong Kong-based finance advisory company Index-Asia has partnered with local financial consultancy firm UpSmart Strategy Consulting to help Philippine startups, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and family businesses strengthen their capital-raising strategies.

The two companies said their partnership aimed to “create a growth strategy and structure their transactions and deals to facilitate a successful capital-raising.” The two are also keen on providing accounting services and financial analyses of their clients’ operations.

Investors, on the other hand, will have access to investments that are professionally managed, while getting the necessary support in target identification, due diligence services and post-investment financial monitoring.

UpSmart Head of Consulting Practice Filbert Richerd Ng Tsai said, “With this partnership between UpSmart and Index-Asia, we look forward to bringing an end-to-end solution to the challenging capital-raising situation of the Filipino middle-market.”

Index-Asia’s Kieran Martin added that based on his experience, SMEs in Southeast Asia generally do not implement proper structure for capital-raising.

UpSmart offers services in strategic finance, corporate structuring and restructuring, while Index-Asia provides South East Asian SMEs access to capital markets.