GRIT launches online scouting programme

Photo by Daria Shevtsova

GRIT, a Singapore-based recruitment tech startup, has launched GRIT Scouts, a talent-led online referral programme, on their platform. Established in 2020, the firm allows companies to tap into the platform to hire and secure readily-available quality talent in markets in the backdrop of a global tech talent crunch.

Employee referral schemes are commonly implemented in-house and are used by companies to build a talent pipeline, scale key teams, while reducing hiring cost. GRIT Scouts was launched to extend the impact of referral schemes as a key recruiting strategy and is an avenue for anyone to monetize their high-calibre network as a source of passive income.

According to research, employers have cited employee referrals as one of their biggest sources for quality hires, as compared to job portals. Furthermore, studies have shown that referrals are hired 55% quicker than those through job sites and 46% of those hired through referral programmes stay longer than three years, as compared to 14% from job boards.

GRIT Scouts welcomes anyone to tap into their network to recommend skilled workers to GRIT’s various partners and be monetarily rewarded for successful referrals.

Those who have potential candidates in mind or friends who are looking for career opportunities can browse a catalogue of available job postings on the platform and refer potential talent to these roles with the offered bounties ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 for successful referrals who have completed their probation period. The GRIT platform will assess the compatibility of organisations and talent to see that they are a good match.

“GRIT aims to build a pool of curated, qualified talent in an increasingly competitive economy to alleviate the woes of hiring in the tech industry. Premium talents are usually well-connected to other skilled workers, which is why we want to leverage that for companies who work with us to have an advantage of accurate hiring,” says Paul Endacott, founder of GRIT.

“Referrals have consistently been shown to be a valuable source of quality candidates, which is why most places have their own in-house referral schemes. We want to build an ecosystem for exceptional talent to be able to thrive in ways that aren’t just limited to the corporations they work for, but across the whole market. We work closely with our partners, and we handle the back-end processes to see that organisations are a good fit for the talent who come on board,” added Mark, Head of Product at GRIT.