Exploring employee experience within the pandemic

Photo by Charles Deluvio

EngageRocket, an employee experience solution provider, has announced that they are joining forces with the Institute for HR Professionals (IHRP) and the Singapore HR Institute (SHRI) to help companies and leaders understand how the state of the workplace and employee experience has evolved one year into the pandemic.

Following from Budget 2021, where the Singapore government announced a series of measures to support businesses and their employees to weather the COVID-19 crisis, this collaboration between Singapore-based startup, EngageRocket, as well as IHRP and SHRI, seeks to complement the government’s efforts in providing support to local businesses, of all sizes and industries.

As such, EngageRocket, IHRP and SHRI, would like to equip local organisations with a digital analytics programme to help their employees thrive. This National Employee Experience Transformation (NEXT) Programme will be complimentary to all participants as part of a joint commitment to support the business community as well as national efforts for Singapore to “Emerge Stronger Together”.

The programme includes a digital analytics platform that is publicly available for Singapore companies. Psychologists have worked with experts and top leaders in the industry to design survey questions that measure important aspects such as mental health, productivity, new skills development, employee engagement and culture drivers. 

“A crucial outcome from last year’s Pulse of the Singapore Workforce Survey was for organisations to look into championing the needs to upskill and reskill so as to enable and protect their workforce while balancing the need for economic health and employee well-being,” commented Alvin Goh,  Executive Director at Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI). 

“As the capacity and capability of organisations grow, there are new and exciting opportunities for HR professionals to use data to inform their decisions. People Analytics – predictive and preventive are useful tools for influencing the business, and represents an opportunity for HR professionals to demonstrate the impact and value that HR and the people profession have on the business; whether through increasing productivity and performance, or by measuring employee well-being and engagement.

“The NEXT programme will provide HR and organisations with this edge and we are certainly looking forward to the insights this year!,” he concluded.

Participating organisations will receive their own detailed report with powerful insights and actionable recommendations to improve employees’ experience and well-being. Data submitted will also be anonymised and aggregated, offering companies a comparative view against national benchmark data.

What gets measured gets done,”said Mayank Parekh, CEO at IHRP.“The insights gained from last year’s surveys on well-being and productivity drivers proved invaluable to guide HR policy and decision-making during an unprecedented upheaval to the employee experience.

“As work patterns evolve into a post-pandemic reality, I am looking forward to the results of this year’s NEXT Programme for yet another benchmark on the state of the workplace and employee experience.

“By harnessing these data insights, HR can lead the way to better support the well-being of employees and coach managers to deliver a more compelling employee experience for their teams.”

Previously, EngageRocket had collaborated with IHRP and SHRI to put together a complimentary people continuity package to enhance Work-From-Home (WFH) effectiveness. The employee responses gathered represents the largest consistent dataset on the state of workplace sentiment in Singapore since the start of the pandemic with more than 800,000 responses analysed.

The insights captured the state of workplace sentiment during the Circuit Breaker and beyond. Findings from the Pulse of the Singapore Workforce survey were made available to the public last year. 

“While our 2020 report painted a remarkable picture of resilience amongst workers, there’s still a lot of work to be done to recover and thrive in a sustainable future,” commented Leong Chee Tung, CEO and co-founder of EngageRocket. 

“As we prepare for Year 2 of the global pandemic, the NEXT programme offers a unique look into how the workplace is changing as a nation, and an opportunity to learn from the creativity and best practices of our peers in the business community,”

Singaporean companies of all sizes and industries can apply to the National Employee Experience Transformation (NEXT) Programme before March 17th here.