Enterprise Singapore rolls out E-Commerce Booster Package

Photo by rupixen.com

Enterprise Singapore (ESG) launched the E-Commerce Booster Package on 2 April. This supports SME retailers with little or no e-commerce experience in starting their business transformation by selling online.

The Package supports 90% of the cost for retailers to on-board e-commerce platforms for domestic and/or overseas markets. ESG will also provide additional support for manpower to kick-start their e-commerce journey.

This aims to help retailers change their business model, and diversify their sales channels and revenue streams beyond traditional brick-and-mortar. This is especially relevant amidst the current COVID-19 situation. Having a robust e-commerce strategy will also enable retailers to be more competitive in the long-term.

E-commerce for domestic market

ESG has collaborated with four e-commerce platforms providers, namely Amazon, Lazada Singapore, Qoo10 and Shopee, to assist retailers to extend their domestic reach. Retailers will receive a one-time 90% support on qualifying costs for the fees charged, capped at S$9,000.

These platform providers will work with retailers to curate and list products for up to six months, participate in promotion campaigns, fulfill orders and perform basic data analytics of sales. Each retailer can apply with only one e-commerce platform partner, with whom it has no existing account.

E-commerce for overseas markets

Retailers can also reach overseas customers through ESG’s ongoing Multichannel E-Commerce Platform (MEP) Programme. The one-time support of 70% on qualifying costs is enhanced to 90% till 30 September 2020.

Through MEP, retailers can work with curated solution providers, who will help them list and sell their products on multiple overseas e-marketplaces.

Three months of manpower support to kick-start the e-commerce journey

Retailers who sign up for the E-Commerce Booster Package can also receive additional manpower support. ESG will support 90% of the qualifying manpower cost for three manpower for three months. The additional manpower support can help the company identify new sources of demand, or streamline processes during the initial months to ensure smooth operations and sustain online efforts for the long-term.

Said Mr Ted Tan, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Enterprise Singapore, “It is more crucial now for retailers to diversify revenue streams by using e-commerce channels. The E-Commerce Booster Package primarily helps retailers with little e-commerce knowledge and capabilities to start using online channels.”

“Our partnership with the established e-commerce platforms both in Singapore and overseas ensures a good-sized market for these retailers to tap on. We want to empower all retailers to develop long-term and sustainable e-commerce strategies that will ensure business resilience beyond COVID-19,” he concluded.

Retailers have until 30 September 2020 to sign up for the E-Commerce Booster Package directly with the respective e-commerce platforms and solution providers.