Ensign InfoSecurity launches global headquarters and new Security Operations Centre in Singapore

Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash
Photo by Adi Goldstein

Ensign InfoSecurity (Ensign), one of the largest pure-play cybersecurity companies in Asia Pacific, officially launched its global headquarters and its new Security Operations Centre (SOC), in Singapore on September 16, 2019. This strengthens Singapore’s position as a cybersecurity hub, enhancing cyber resiliency for organisations in the region.

According to Mr Lee Fook Sun, Chairman, Ensign InfoSecurity, their “singular focus on cybersecurity”  allows them to “keep pace with the constantly and rapidly evolving cyber challenges.”

Ensign’s global headquarters is part of its efforts to build its presence in the Asia Pacific region. The company currently has offices in Hong Kong and Malaysia, and customer footprints in Brunei, Myanmar and Thailand. It also has plans to expand its presence in Korea in 2020.

Alongside their expansion, Ensign promises to continue deepening its capabilities, such as advanced threat hunting and cyber threat intelligence, through its Singapore-based research laboratory and global partner ecosystem.

Parallel to the official opening of its global headquarters, Ensign has also unveiled its new Security Operations Centre (SOC). This facility, powered by a proprietary, Singapore-centric system, strengthens the cyber resilience of Ensign’s customers by enhancing the accuracy, and shortening the time, needed to detect and respond to cyber threats.

The SOC taps on Ensign’s newly unveiled Cyber Threat Detection & Analytics engine which leverages big data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to generate relevant local insights on emerging and imminent cyber threats.

These Singapore-centric insights are also correlated and corroborated with global threat intelligence to produce highly contextualized and actionable cyber threat intelligence.

Ensign also relies heavily on automation in its SOC processes to improve the centre’s accuracy, consistency and efficiency in handling security alerts and incident investigation. According to Tammie Tham, Executive Vice President, Enterprise & Services, Ensign InfoSecurity,  the use of “advanced technologies utilizing analytics and machine learning” ultimately allows for security analysts and cyber security professionals to perform the more valuable tasks of incident response and threat hunting.