Employers need to plan for workplace experience parity

Photo by Hitesh Choudhary

Findings from IDC’s Future Enterprise Resiliency and Spending Survey – Wave 11 (Dec 2022) reveals that 36% of Asia/Pacific enterprises believe that “remote and hybrid work models will be an embedded part of accepted work practices” going forward.

Enterprises need to plan for workplace experience parity across a diversity of environments, reimagine the physical workplace, facilitate effective engagement of and collaboration among a distributed workforce, and ensure security across the hybrid workplace estate, among others.

To deliver on these workplace expectations, vendors need to differentiate through robust workplace consulting and advisory services to help customers envision a workplace that provides concrete support for their organizational goals, unique workplace platforms and assets (including function and industry specific IP) to deliver hyper-personalization and contextualization, deliver superlative employee experience through pervasive workplace intelligence and automation and demonstrate a strong commitment to customers’ success through innovative, skin-in-the-game contracting mechanisms.

“Hybrid work has emerged as the dominant enterprise operational model over the last few years, bringing with it new and elevated expectations from digital workplace environments. Digital Workplace Services vendors with well-articulated workplace transformation advisory and implementation capabilities, and with the requisite platforms, services offerings, and partnerships to realize and manage such an intelligent workplace environment will be partners of choice in this age of hybrid work”, says Pushkaraksh Shanbhag, Associate Research Director, Cloud and IT Services Research, IDC Asia/Pacific.