Digital Transformation Leaders Programme launched

Photo by Kampus Production

The Advanced Computing for Executives (ACE) centre, a continuing education and training unit under the National University of Singapore’s School of Computing (NUS Computing), and All Digital Future LLP have partnered to launch a new Digital Transformation Leaders Programme (NUS DTLP).

The Programme is designed around “The allDigitalFuture Playbook” (taP), written by business transformation experts Dr Dennis Khoo and Jung Kiu Choi.

The first intake for the one-month NUS DTLP will start in February 2023, with eight days of face-to-face interaction and up to two video sessions. Registrations are open.

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The Programme comes at a critical time as more companies embark on digital transformation. In 2018, USD$1.3 trillion was spent on digital transformation, with an estimated USD$900 billion wasted. According to BCG and McKinsey & Company, this was because 70% of businesses failed to meet their transformation objectives.

taP is a multidisciplinary approach that covers the four dimensions of customer, business, capabilities and people & leadership, which are vital for transformation success. From their experience and research, the authors found that digital transformation in large companies can be highly complex and hence a holistic approach is critical. However, this is often not practiced.

The playbook is one of the first comprehensive, step-by-step business transformation guides developed to address today’s high transformation failure rates.

Participants will use the taP approach to dissect their organisation’s transformation challenges, perform research and analysis to understand their customers, competition, and the future of their industry.

Upon completion of the programme, C-suite participants will be equipped to deploy a structured and holistic framework to successfully meet the challenges of disruption, regardless of the industry or the level of complexity.

“The problem with most transformation programmes is the over-emphasis on technology as the single solution. Technology alone cannot drive transformation; the starting point must be understanding the problem in-depth, which many companies fail to do,” said Dr Khoo.

“For most incumbent companies, you cannot transform a business using digital solutions alone. It is really about holistic business transformation, leveraging people, process, technology and so much more.

“Most incumbent companies also benchmark their transformation against start-ups. Whilst they can certainly learn new ways of working from start-ups, incumbent companies are not start-ups, and their legacy and complexity require a different approach,” added Dr Khoo.

The NUS DTLP leverages case studies of real implementations by Lenovo, Samsung and Hyundai; products and services such as TMRW by UOB and LG Styler; phenomena like KPOP among others, with more than 60 hands-on exercises towards action-oriented learning for executive participants.

“The NUS DTLP goes beyond the surface of ‘why’ and ‘what’, which is already well known, and addresses ‘how’ to transform organisations. The NUS DTLP is unique in that it provides an umbrella method that unifies existing practices – such as design thinking, agile and business model canvas – into a holistic approach for C-suite leaders,” emphasised Mr Choi.

The first intake for the one-month NUS DTLP will start in February 2023, with eight days of face-to-face interaction and up to two video sessions. Registrations are open.