Deskera to develop IT talent for Singapore SMEs

Deskera, Asia’s cloud-based platform, is collaborating with the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) to develop future-ready manpower to help SMEs rise to the digitalisation challenge and raise productivity. As part of this co-operation, ITE students and staff will be trained to acquire digitalisation skills using Deskera’s cloud-based Integrated Business Management software.

Deskera is among the government’s pre-approved solutions provider for the “SMEs Go Digital Programme”. It will provide SMEs with easy-to-use, function-specific, and integrated digital solutions. The partnership strengthens the commitment of both organisations to help SMEs push their digitalisation agenda forward by nurturing and training talent who can contribute to the growth, and initiate solutions for SME businesses. 

“With the world moving towards digitalisation and automation, SMEs today are facing a talent crunch in relevant new-age skills,” said Shashank Dixit, CEO, Deskera. Elaborating further, he said that training young Singaporeans will make them digitally upskilled, broadening their spectrum for excellent career opportunities. The knowledge of Deskera enterprise solution will not only provide them with the technical expertise but also help them with employment opportunities within the SME community.

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To achieve this objective, ITE students and staff will be trained with digital skills of the future through hands-on use of Deskera’s cloud-based suite of Integrated Enterprise Suite Business Management software used in areas such as enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and human resource management. Students’ first-hand use of Deskera’s software will give them a head-start in understanding the internal processes within and across different functions in SMEs. Deskera will also be offering internship opportunities, book prizes and bursaries to encourage talents to deepen their potential.

SalsaBila Salleh, a Nitec in Business Services student, who has received the initial hands-on training on the Deskera CRM software, said, “Getting hands-on training from experts will help us face the industry with confidence and definitely give us an advantage in the competitive job market.”

On the partnership, Ms Low Khah Gek, Chief Executive Officer, ITE, shared, “The partnership is timely as more businesses scale up, or even internationalise. As business intelligence and data analytics is the way forward, we are glad to leverage on Deskera’s expertise to ensure our students have strong digital capabilities to support and transform SMEs in the new economy.”