Deskera teams up with ExperDex to help SMEs digitise in South East Asia

Cloud ERP solutions provider Deskera is joining hands with IT services firm ExperDex in South East Asia. With the partnership, both organisations can now leverage on their combined strength to help SMEs move towards digitisation. This strategic collaboration will help Deskera expand its customer base in the region. At the same time, Deskera’s cloud ERP platform will help ExperDex enhance its solution portfolio and unlock new opportunities.

Deskera’s integrated suite of cloud solutions comprises of ERP, CRM, MRP, PM, and HRMS. These apps can be accessed from any internet-enabled device.

“As the shift towards cloud technologies accelerates and the ability to rapidly and effectively manage and scale businesses becomes more important than ever, we need to be able to offer our clients solutions that will give them these capabilities and advantage in their marketplaces. Following meticulous evaluation of a number of ERP providers, Deskera was the clear winner,” says Balachandran R, Founder, ExperDex.

Ethan Tan, Director of Strategy at Deskera, said, “We’re excited to be working closely with ExperDex. The teams have been fully onboard with Deskera’s systems and Deskera have had a comprehensive education in the detailed requirements of ExperDex’s customers. We’re delighted to be able to augment ExperDex’s client solutions and have been extremely impressed by their technical expertise. Deskera’s ERP platform takes a unique approach to completely integrating business functions on one user-friendly platform, and we think partners help communicate the system’s value to clients. The SaaS market across ASEAN is growing at a CAGR of up to 20 per cent and partners like ExperDex are part of a very exciting opportunity to deliver the best possible ERP solution to SME clients.”