Cloud migration programme to Southeast Asia SMEs offered

Photo by Philipp Birmes

CloudMile has offered small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines free migration to the cloud from June 2022. Powered by its capabilities in cloud, AI, machine learning, and big data analytics, CloudMile will support SMEs as they embark on cloud migration, a key first step to achieve digital transformation.

“Digital transformation is no longer about ”lifting and shifting” legacy IT infrastructure to the cloud for cost saving,” says Jeremy Heng, Country Manager, CloudMile Singapore

“Enterprises are looking to transform their mode of business by having innovative ways to meet their business objectives via the cloud ecosystem; from having more efficient core processes, to improving customer retention and learning how they can personalise the customer experience.”

Research by the Yusof Ishak Institute found there are more than 70 million SMEs in Southeast Asia that employ over 140 million people and account for 99% of all businesses in the region.

While going digital can enhance operational and cost efficiencies, many SMEs encounter difficulties in modernizing legacy infrastructure and centralizing data to the cloud on their digital transformation journey. 

CloudMile’s dedicated Google Cloud certified delivery team will assist SMEs in cloud migration, with one-on-one guidance in on-premise to cloud and cloud to cloud migration.

It will also provide complimentary technical support on the Google Cloud Platform set up during office operating hours, with an option for SMEs to get Managed Service Support. To further improve stability and optimize set up with practical and actionable insights, Google Cloud certified specialists at CloudMile will conduct an annual infrastructure review to monitor incidents and troubleshoot.