BLACAZ. offers customizable insurance for companies

Photo by Mimi Thian

BLACAZ., a digital insurance intermediary company has announced its online alternative to corporate insurance subscription and management.

Looking to address issues faced by corporate entities when it comes to the complicated insurance industry, BLACAZ. offers customisable insurance policies that can be managed online.

A variety of corporate insurances, including Health & Employee Benefits, Professional Indemnity, Work Injury Compensation (WICA), Directors & Officers, Travel, and Office are available for subscription on BLACAZ.’s digital platform. In addition to the purchase of corporate plans, BLACAZ. users are able to access and manage their subscriptions all on the platform itself.

This allows for instant quote pricing, fully personalised options, contract generation, and payment to be made without the need to navigate elsewhere. For consumers, this brings a measure of convenience in the complex insurance industry.

“After 15 years working in the insurance industry seeing the complexity of corporate insurance processes, I wanted to allow companies to get their insurances within 7 minutes and have them all centralized at the same place”, added CEO and founder, Frédéric Gauthier.

Designed with users in mind

Companies can choose to store all their insurance documents on the platform, with augmented features to reduce the need for constant management, such as instant addition of employees to the policy, or auto-renewal of their existing subscriptions. For corporations, this allows their insurance management to be scaled up accordingly without additional manpower.

The viability of BLACAZ.’s platform has allowed for companies of all sizes to leverage technology and simplify administrative processes, while benefiting from a bespoke approach to corporate insurance.

“We feel supported by investors but also by clients and insurers to carry on this mission and continue to disrupt insurance experience for companies and their employees. There was clearly an urgent need.” concluded Operations Leader & cofounder, Maxime Berger.