Arcadier’s new features engage its community of developers and users

International marketplace builder Arcadier, has officially launched both a Developer Platform and a Plug-In Marketplace for its community of developers and users respectively. The Plug-In marketplace provides installable applications and integrations that users can add to their Arcadier-powered marketplace. Meanwhile, the developer platform, provides a suite of developer tools and APIs which enable developers to execute customization projects for specific Arcadier-powered marketplaces or develop plug-ins for the Plug-In Marketplace.

With the introduction of the Plug-In Marketplace, Arcadier users can easily install additional functionalities of their choice to their marketplace, on top of those available on Arcadier’s native standard software capabilities. These include generating discount coupons and a blog page builder.

The creation of this newest capability was driven by the number of specific feature requests received by Arcadier from users seeking to customize their marketplace experience, said Kenneth Low, Arcadier’s Chief Commercial Officer. “Our Plug-In Marketplace is a flexible solution that will allow users to install specific features or integrate other software to their marketplaces when desired, providing a customizable experience,” he continued.

Another trend that Arcadier has observed is the increase in requests for unique marketplace experiences. This would require customization of the standard user interface or marketplace workflows. Currently such projects have been allocated to a small community of Arcadier accredited developers, but with the launch of the Developer Platform where resources are made readily available, including step-by-step articles, technical tutorial videos and full API documentation, the broader developer community is now able to start easily as well.

Paul Cascun, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Arcadier shared that the launch of these capabilities means that new applications can be launched faster than when they were created exclusively by Arcadier itself. “In the long term, we expect third-party developers to utilize our open developer platform to create plug-in applications and perform customizations for our users thereby generating an income for themselves from each customization project or installation of their created plug-in,” he added.