Acme Manufacturing Company launches R&D center in Singapore

Picture credit: Seletar Airport

Acme Manufacturing Company, a specialist in robotic finishing systems has officially launched its Singapore office today. Acme Singapore includes a standalone research and development center focused on creating new solutions and customized robotics systems for the company’s customers in Southeast Asia.

Acme’s integrated automated solutions employ robot arms and a suite of digital technologies to perform finishing tasks such as grinding, polishing, deburring, and buffing on manufactured metal parts. The systems are applied for high-precision finishing of jet engine and aerospace structural components such as turbine blades, vanes, fuselage skins and wing skins.  Apart from promising cost reduction and increased operating efficiency, the application of robots improves consistency and uniformity, ensuring that parts satisfy stringent aerospace requirements.

Acme Singapore is located in Seletar Aerospace Park, placing it among some of the largest aerospace manufacturers in the world including Singapore Technologies Aerospace, Jet Aviation, and Airbus Helicopters South East Asia.

According to Mr Fritz Carlson, President and CEO of Acme Manufacturing Company, the company is “pleased to benefit from Singapore’s innovation ecosystem and the country’s push to be a leader in smart manufacturing and advanced engineering.

Mr Sia Kheng Yok, Chief Executive of the Association of Aerospace Industries (Singapore), remarked that Singapore’s aerospace industry is “actively embracing digitalisation, automation and new technologies for improved productivity”, and that Acme Singapore is an addition “into the growing ecosystem of solution providers that is enabling our industry’s transformation.”